In addition to the in-house production of counter type, vertical and wall type cake and chocolate displays, ice-cream displays, bakery product, baklava and pastry displays, under counter and vertical refrigerators and cake shock cooler freezers which we produce internally, we carry out distributorship of ICE TEAM, CATTABRIGA, COLDELITE, GEMM, TECFRIGO companies for serving in imported ice-cream machines, cream machines, ice-cream shock cooler freezers and rococo displays field in Turkey as Buzkap.


We have been continuously improving our technology and serving to patisseries, ice cream shops, bakeries, bakery product shops, baklava shops, chocolate shops and delicatessens with production displays since 1941.


We ensure the temperature settings of each product with Buzkap engineering so that the products you manufacture can last for longer periods under the healthiest conditions. Our cake displays operate within the temperature range of (+4) - (+ 6) ºC, while chocolate cabinets operate at (+18) - (+ 20) ºC, our ice cream displays operate at (-15) - (- 22) ºC, our baklava displays operate at (+25) - (+ 40) ºC, bakery products and pastry displays operate at (+40) - (+ 65) ºC, our production displays operate at (+4) - (+ 6) º C, cake shock cooler freezers operate at (-25ºC), and ice cream shock cooler freezers operate at (-40) ºC.


Buzkap was founded in 1941 by Kurken Mirzahanyan in Istanbul as a small workshop for butchers and groceries. Following the changing market demands and production technologies in the following years; our company has become leading producer of many products such as ice machines, ice cream displays, rotating pastry showcases etc. Having focused on cake, bakery and ice cream sector since 1992, Buzkap has become the industry leader.